<aside> 🧑‍💻 Pointer helps chains/protocols onboard developers onto their platform through fun and engaging learn-to-earn tutorials


How Pointer helps you win developers

We work with protocols, chains, and web3 companies to increase developer activity on their platforms.

We build badass tutorial content that developers actually want to complete. We then reward developers that complete our tutorials (verified on-chain) with token and NFT incentives.


Fun tutorials designed to be deployed

we teach fun full-stack projects so devs can have the context to continue building on your technology after they’re done on our platform


Incentives that devs want

We reward devs w/ cool NFTs and tokens from your native token.

Rewarding devs w/ your tokens gives them incentive to participate in your platform as a developer/user.


We have thousands of developers in our discord that help each other out and make a fun environment for learning

Live support from experts

After releasing a tutorial, the engineer that wrote it is available in Discord to help users get over hurdles and improve the tutorial from user feedback.

We work with the best

We’re already working with top-tier chains and web3 companies that are building incredible tech for the crypto community.



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What developers think

tl;dr they love it